Acoustic Carousel

Introducing Acoustic Carousel – An Exceptional Acoustic Band for Your Unforgettable Event!

Acoustic Carousel is a remarkable acoustic band, consisting of highly skilled musicians of the highest caliber. With band members who have played alongside renowned artists like Billy Bragg and Frank Turner in stadiums worldwide, their performances are nothing short of extraordinary. The band comprises male vocals, guitar, bass, and cajon, creating a harmonious ensemble that sets the perfect mood for any occasion.

A Versatile Musical Experience:

Acoustic Carousel’s versatility shines through in their ability to provide both mellow and chilled-out background music, perfect for dinner and drinks receptions, as well as turning up the energy to keep the party going into the night. Whatever the atmosphere you desire, Acoustic Carousel delivers a captivating musical experience tailored precisely to your preferences.

Sound Limiter Friendly:

Perfect for venues with sound limiters, Acoustic Carousel has the expertise to maintain a lively and engaging performance while controlling the volume to comply with any restrictions. They have mastered the art of delivering an unforgettable live band experience that you and your guests can enjoy without any compromises.

An Extensive Repertoire:

From the soulful tunes of Stevie Wonder in the 70s to modern indie hits, pop, and rock anthems, Acoustic Carousel’s wide-ranging repertoire caters to all musical tastes. With a vast selection of songs, they ensure that everyone at your event can enjoy the music they love.

A Huge Hit for All Occasions:

Acoustic Carousel is the perfect choice for various events, including weddings, daytime receptions, corporate functions, and private parties. Their professionalism and experience guarantee an impeccable performance that will leave a lasting impression on all your guests.

Key Features of Acoustic Carousel:

  1. A 4-piece acoustic band with male vocals, guitar, bass, and cajon.
  2. Versatile performances for various events and occasions.
  3. Expertise in dealing with sound limiters without compromising the live band experience.
  4. An extensive repertoire covering a wide range of musical genres.

Prepare to be captivated by the harmonious melodies and incredible talent of Acoustic Carousel. With their exceptional skills and ability to adapt to any setting, they will help transform your event into an unforgettable and magical musical experience. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate function, or any special occasion, Acoustic Carousel is here to create cherished memories through their exceptional live music.