Chapter One

Chapter One: Your Dynamic Indie Rock Band for a Night to Remember

Get ready to rock the night away with Chapter One, a dynamic indie rock band that brings professional talent, fun, and amazing four-part vocal harmonies to every live performance. With their energetic mix of classics from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, along with the latest indie, pop, and rock hits, Chapter One is the perfect choice for your event.

A Four-Piece Powerhouse:

Chapter One consists of four talented musicians who are passionate about delivering an unforgettable live experience. The band features male vocals/keys, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums, creating a sound that will get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there all night long.

An Eclectic Repertoire:

From timeless classics to contemporary hits, Chapter One’s repertoire covers a wide range of indie and rock/pop favorites. The band can tailor their setlist to your preferences, ensuring that your event is filled with music that resonates with you and your guests. With their versatility and willingness to take client input, you can expect a personalized playlist that fits the vibe of your celebration.

All-Inclusive Entertainment:

Chapter One provides a complete entertainment package, including their own top-of-the-line PA system and lighting. With their seamless setup, you can sit back and enjoy the show without any worries. To keep the party going during intervals, the band also offers recorded music at no extra charge. For an enhanced experience, you have the option to hire a manned DJ service for a small additional fee, ensuring non-stop entertainment throughout the event.

Your First Dance Song:

For wedding clients, Chapter One goes the extra mile to make your day truly special. The band is more than willing to learn and perform your first dance song, even if it’s not already on their repertoire. With their musical talent and dedication, your first dance will be a cherished moment that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Key Features of Chapter One:

  1. Dynamic Four-Piece Band: Featuring male vocals/keys, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums.
  2. Eclectic Repertoire: A mix of classics from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, along with modern indie and rock/pop hits.
  3. Personalized Setlist: Tailored to your preferences, with client input welcome.
  4. All-Inclusive Entertainment: Chapter One provides their own PA system and lighting for a seamless experience.
  5. Free Recorded Music: Enjoy continuous entertainment during intervals at no extra charge.
  6. Optional Manned DJ Service: Enhance the party atmosphere with a DJ service for an additional fee.
  7. Your Special Moment: For wedding clients, Chapter One will learn and perform your first dance song.

Chapter One is your ticket to an extraordinary night of indie rock entertainment. With their vibrant performance, amazing harmonies, and diverse repertoire, they’ll create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, party, or corporate event, Chapter One’s live show will keep the energy high and the dance floor packed. Get ready to rock with Chapter One and make your event one for the books!