Samurai Swing

Step into the Swinging World of Samurai Swing – A Modern Take on Classic Swing!

Meet Samurai Swing, a captivating and versatile 3-9 piece band that’s making waves on stages and parties worldwide, from Virginia to Bahrain. They have taken the sound of raucous 1930s bands and infused it with a modern musical flair, creating a fresh and exciting experience that’s delighting audiences everywhere. This fun-loving, charming, and soulful group is constantly in demand, playing over 150 shows a year.

A Fresh Spin on Classic Swing:

Samurai Swing masterfully blends New Orleans’ swing with new UK swing, giving 100-year-old music a breath of fresh air. Their highly skilled and energetic performances, combined with group vocal harmonies and immaculate dress, make each show an unforgettable experience. But this is not stagnant swing and jazz as you know it – Samurai Swing injects new life and excitement into every note they play.

The Main Band – A Powerhouse of Talent:

The main band comprises a lineup of exceptional musicians, including alto sax, helicon/tuba, Gibson guitar, double bass, piano, and drums (depending on the size of the band). This powerhouse lineup delivers an electrifying performance with infectious energy that will have the crowd dancing and tapping their feet all night long. Their group vocal harmonies add an extra layer of charm and soul to their sound.

Versatile Performers for Every Occasion:

Samurai Swing is as versatile as they come. They can entertain a crowd in many ways, whether as an acoustic walkabout, providing a delightful background music for champagne wedding breakfasts, or taking center stage and delivering a high-energy show that leaves audiences exhilarated. They even offer the optional hire of dancers to add an extra level of spectacle to their performances.

Globetrotting Musicians:

With recent gig highlights including tours to Bahrain, Virginia, New Orleans, and Switzerland, as well as appearances at prestigious festivals and venues like WOMAD Festival, Twinwood Festival, Royal Albert Hall, and more, Samurai Swing is taking their swinging classics to international audiences, leaving a trail of satisfied fans in their wake.

Key Features of Samurai Swing:

  1. Energetic 3-9 piece band playing swinging classics with a modern twist.
  2. Versatile performances – acoustic walkabout, background music, and high-energy shows (with optional dancers).
  3. Professional musicians with extensive experience and a soulful charm that captivates any audience.

Whether you’re dancing the night away or simply tapping your toes, Samurai Swing’s infectious energy and captivating performances will transport you to the golden age of swing with a fresh and exhilarating twist. Don’t miss the chance to experience Samurai Swing, a modern take on classic swing that’s taking the world by storm!