Sassy Grooves

Meet Sassy Grooves: Your Versatile and Experienced Party Band

Sassy Grooves is a band with an impressive track record, boasting extensive experience performing at some of the most prominent venues and theaters, both nationally and internationally. With years of entertaining audiences on cruise ships, their reputation as a powerhouse act precedes them.

Exceptional Talents and Collaborations

The band’s members have worked alongside numerous high-profile artists and acts, leaving their mark on hit shows like the BBC’s Peaky Blinders, sharing the stage with Marc Almond, Amaal Nuux (co-writer for Drake), finalists from ‘The X Factor’ and ‘The Voice,’ Elbow, Hedkandi – Ministry of Sound, and stars from the prestigious West End and high-end theater productions. Their diverse collaborations showcase their versatility and musical prowess.

A Vast Musical Repertoire

Sassy Grooves possesses a broad knowledge of various genres, seamlessly navigating from modern-day pop to old-school rock and even a touch of jazz. This musical dexterity makes them the perfect fit for any event, as they adapt effortlessly to any situation or special requests you may have.

The Perfect Lineup for Every Occasion

With a lineup ranging primarily from 4 to 9 members, Sassy Grooves is a lively party band that includes 2 talented singers, a full rhythm section, and a powerhouse horn section, delivering performances that are both energetic and captivating. For those looking for acoustic and jazz sets, the band is fully flexible, offering smaller band sizes to cater to different atmospheres and occasions, ensuring a flawless and tailored experience throughout the day.

Key Features That Make Sassy Grooves Stand Out:

  • A lively party band with an extensive repertoire spanning Motown, soul, rock, and pop, ensuring a diverse and engaging musical experience.
  • Highly experienced and professional musicians, guaranteeing top-notch performances that leave audiences in awe.
  • Availability of various line-ups, ranging from 4 to 9 members, offering versatility for different events.
  • Smaller band sizes for acoustic and jazz sets, providing the perfect ambiance for more intimate settings.

For an unforgettable musical journey that embraces a plethora of genres and delights all audiences, look no further than Sassy Grooves. Book them now and prepare to be swept away by their exceptional talents at your next event!