Echo Beach

Welcome to the World of Echo Beach!

Echo Beach is renowned as the ultimate party band, comprised of young, versatile, and exceptionally talented musicians. Their mission is simple yet ambitious – to make every event they perform at both unforgettable and a resounding success. With an unmatched level of showmanship and musical prowess, they deliver performances that are second to none.

Corporate Excellence:

Echo Beach has garnered a reputation as a top choice for corporate events, having entertained an impressive list of esteemed clients, including Barclays, Apple, and Autotrader. Recently, they had the honor of performing at the illustrious World Snooker Champions Party, where they captivated the audience with their electrifying performance. Their experience at the corporate level ensures that clients receive a level of professionalism and entertainment that exceeds expectations.

Versatile Line-Up:

At the heart of Echo Beach lies a dynamic 5-piece line-up, showcasing talented musicians skilled in male or female vocals, guitar, bass guitar, keys, and drums. However, what sets Echo Beach apart is their dedication to tailoring the band to suit each client’s unique preferences. With the option to add extra singers, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or violin, Echo Beach ensures that the musical vision for any event is brought to life with flair and style.

Unrivaled Repertoire:

With an extensive repertoire spanning various decades and genres, Echo Beach leaves no musical desire unfulfilled. From timeless classics to contemporary hits, their playlist keeps the dance floor packed and the energy soaring throughout the event. Echo Beach also values client input, welcoming song suggestions in advance to curate the perfect performance for the event’s ambiance.

Seamless Entertainment:

Echo Beach understands the importance of a seamless and immersive experience for event guests. To maintain a continuous flow of energy, they generously provide recorded music during intervals, ensuring there are no dull moments throughout the event. Additionally, for a more intimate and relaxed ambiance during afternoon or early evening receptions, clients can opt for a delightful duo performance featuring male or female vocals accompanied by guitar.

Attention to Wedding Clients:

Recognizing the significance of weddings, Echo Beach goes the extra mile to make the day even more magical for couples. For wedding clients, they offer the heartfelt gesture of learning a first dance song not already in their repertoire. This personal touch ensures that the first dance as a couple becomes an even more cherished and memorable moment.

Top-Notch Equipment:

Echo Beach believes in delivering a complete package, providing their own top-of-the-line PA system and lighting. The band’s commitment to using high-quality equipment guarantees that the sound and visual production are nothing short of extraordinary, leaving no room for anything less than a flawless performance.

Experience the Magic of Echo Beach:

Those seeking to elevate their events with captivating music and infectious enthusiasm need look no further. Echo Beach stands ready to bring their unparalleled talent and energy to your celebration. Get in touch with Echo Beach today to discuss your requirements and secure the ultimate party band for an unforgettable event.