Solos and Duos for Hire

Looking for top-notch entertainment that won’t overpower your event? Look no further than Silver Dog Music’s solo and duo acts. Our talented musicians offer intimate performances that are perfect for any occasion, from small gatherings to larger celebrations. Browse our selection of versatile performers to find the perfect fit for your next event.

Hire Hootles Duo from Silver Dog Music
The Hootles Duo: Unearthing Hidden Gems and Reviving Classics The Hootles Duo, comprising Jonny Lexus on guitar and vocals, and
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Hire The Survivors Duo from Silver Dog Music
Experience Musical Brilliance with Survivors Duo - An Acoustic Duo like No Other! Survivors Duo is a dynamic and talented
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Hire Marc Acoustic from Silver Dog Music
Meet Marc, a seasoned singer-guitarist with an impressive track record of live performances spanning over a decade. With his exceptional
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Hire Luciano Lannetti from Silver Dog Music
Instrumental solo guitarist playing folk, jazz, and pop music that adds a feel-good vibe to any wedding reception or party.
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Hire The Good Eggs Duo from Silver Dog Music
Introducing The Good Eggs, a hardworking wedding and function duo who have mastered the art of delivering their own unique
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Hire Supertonic Duo from Silver Dog Music
Introducing Supertonic, a dynamic piano vocal duo that brings an extensive and diverse repertoire to elevate any event with quality
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Hire Fly me to the moon duo from Silver Dog Music
Fly Me To The Moon duo is a musical delight that creates a decadent and sophisticated atmosphere, adding a touch
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Hire J J Duo from Silver Dog Music
The J-J duo offers a unique and unforgettable musical experience for your special event. Comprising a talented male singer/saxophonist and
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Hire Ruby Miller from Silver Dog Music
Ruby Miller: A Versatile Singer and Guitarist with a Laid-Back Style Ruby Miller is an exciting and talented singer &
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Hire Afterglow from Silver Dog Music
Experience the enchanting sounds of Afterglow, a professional 2/3 piece acoustic covers act that will captivate your guests and leave
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Hire Pure Acoustic Duo from Silver Dog Music
Elevate your event with the enchanting sounds of Pure Acoustic, a young and highly versatile duo that promises to add
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hire skyliners duo
Duo with female singer and multi instrumentalist performing modern cover songs. Instruments include piano, guitar, cajon, bass-box, ukulele, and loop-pedal.
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Hire Liam James from Silver Dog Music
Introducing Liam Jones, an exceptional guitarist and singer with a wealth of professional experience that spans both solo performances and
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Hire Twice duo from Silver Dog Music
Introducing Twice, a dynamic and versatile vocal/piano duo that breathes new life into classic hits from the 1940s up to
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Hire Emerald Duo from Silver Dog Music
Introducing Emerald Duo, a phenomenal Vocal/Guitar Duo available to captivate audiences across the United Kingdom. With their diverse repertoire encompassing
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Hire Zakk Gee from Silver Dog Music
Meet Zakk Gee, an exuberant and dynamic solo acoustic performer, ready to elevate your weddings and parties to new heights
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Hire Jeremy King from Silver Dog Music
Step into the world of enchanting melodies and soulful vocals with Jeremy King, one of the UK's most sought-after singer/pianists,
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Hire Jo Steele from Silver Dog Music
Step into a world of musical excellence with Jo Steele, a young and immensely talented guitarist/vocalist who brings a touch
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About Silver Dog Music: Who We Are and What We Do

Silver Dog Music is a boutique entertainment agency that specialises in providing high-quality live music for private and corporate events. Founded by professional musicians with decades of experience in the industry, our company prides itself on its personalised approach, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re looking for a solo singer, a jazz trio, a cover band, or a DJ, we have the talent and expertise to make your event amazing.

The Benefits of Booking a Solo or Duo Act for Your Event

While larger bands can be impressive and energetic, they can also be difficult to accommodate in smaller venues or budgets. By contrast, solo and duo acts offer a more intimate, flexible, and affordable option that can still pack a punch. Whether you prefer acoustic guitar, piano, vocals, or a combination of instruments, our solo and duo acts can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that suits your taste and style.

Create a Relaxed and Elegant Ambiance with Solo Performers

 Solo and duo acts can be a great option for events where you want a more intimate or low-key atmosphere. Solo performers, such as acoustic guitarists or pianists, can provide a beautiful backdrop for a cocktail hour, dinner party, or other event where you want to create a relaxed and elegant ambiance. They can also be a good choice for events with limited space or budget, as they require less equipment and fewer musicians.

Add Variety and Energy with Duo Acts

Duo acts, such as guitar and vocal duos or jazz duos, can offer a bit more variety and energy than solo acts, while still maintaining a more intimate feel. They can be a good choice for events where you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, such as a small wedding reception or a private party.

The Flexibility of Solo and Duo Acts

One of the benefits of solo and duo acts is that they are often more affordable than full bands, as they require fewer musicians and less equipment. They can also be easier to book, as they are more flexible in terms of space and scheduling.

Full Bands vs. Solo and Duo Acts

However, it’s important to keep in mind that solo and duo acts may not be suitable for all events. If you want to create a high-energy dance party or a more dynamic and engaging atmosphere, a full band may be a better choice. It’s also important to choose a solo or duo act that fits the style and tone of your event, and that has the talent and experience to deliver a memorable performance.