FB Jazz Trio

Instrumental Jazz Trio with guitar, double bass & drums. Latin, Jazz & Swing standards and rock with a jazz twist.

The F B Trio is a dynamic jazz ensemble consisting of guitar, double bass, and drums, renowned for their captivating rhythms inspired by cultures from around the world. With their intoxicating blend of Latin-infused Bossas and Sambas, toe-tapping jazz standards, and modern rock classics given a jazz twist, they offer a truly unique musical experience that will delight audiences of all tastes.

The F B Trio boasts an extensive repertoire of over 200 songs, constantly expanding to suit the preferences of their clients. From the smooth croon of Sinatra’s “Witchcraft” transformed into a slow grooving Samba, to the jazz waltz rendition of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose,” and the vibrant Calypso beats from the West Indies, their musical journey spans the globe and transcends genres.

The F B Trio is the ideal musical accompaniment for a wide range of events and occasions. Whether it’s a lively party, a special celebration, an intimate gathering, an exhibition, a garden party, a promotional event, or a wedding, their versatile and eclectic repertoire will resonate with diverse audiences.

  • A jazz trio consisting of guitar, double bass, and drums, delivering captivating global rhythms.
  • A diverse repertoire featuring jazz standards, Latin-infused Bossas, Sambas, and jazzed-up modern classics.
  • Perfect for all types of parties, weddings & events
  • Adaptable volumes to suit any setting, from background music to the main event