Groovethique: Your Funky, High-Energy Motown, Soul & Funk Band

Looking to bring an explosion of funky energy to your event? Look no further than Groovethique, the ultimate 6-piece band specializing in Motown, soul, and funk music from across the decades. With their lively and entertaining live show, Groovethique guarantees to keep your guests entertained and grooving all night long, making them the perfect choice for weddings and parties.

A Funky Ensemble:

Groovethique’s 6-piece lineup includes male and female vocals, brass instruments, guitar, keys, and drums. Their vibrant combination of talent and instruments ensures a rich and dynamic performance that will have everyone dancing on the dance floor. For an even more powerful sound, the option to add sax and/or trumpet to the lineup is available.

A Soulful Repertoire:

The heart and soul of Groovethique lie in their impressive Motown, soul, and funk repertoire. From classic Motown hits to soulful tunes and groovy funk favorites, their playlist is curated to get the crowd moving and grooving. With a diverse selection of songs from different eras, Groovethique’s performance appeals to guests of all ages.

A Seamless Experience:

As a professional band, Groovethique provides a complete package for your event. They come equipped with their own PA system and lights, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free performance. To keep the party going without interruption, they also offer recorded music during intervals free of charge, providing continuous entertainment for your guests.

Key Features of Groovethique:

  1. 6-Piece Band: Featuring male and female vocals, brass instruments, guitar, keys, and drums for a rich and vibrant sound.
  2. Motown, Soul & Funk Repertoire: From Motown classics to soulful tunes and funky favorites, their playlist has something for everyone.
  3. Options for Brass: The ability to add sax and/or trumpet enhances their sound and performance.
  4. Professional Setup: Groovethique comes fully equipped with their own PA system and lights, ensuring a seamless experience.
  5. Continuous Entertainment: Recorded music during intervals keeps the party atmosphere alive without interruption.

Elevate your event with the funk, soul, and groove of Groovethique! Their high-energy performance, paired with a stellar Motown, soul, and funk repertoire, guarantees to create a lively and memorable experience for all your guests. Whether it’s a wedding celebration or a party, Groovethique will set the dance floor on fire with their fantastic live show, leaving everyone with lasting memories of an unforgettable night.