Jivin' Five

Jivin’ Five: Your Ticket to a Swinging Soiree

Step back in time with Jivin’ Five, the all-singing, all-swinging heart of the party, dedicated to getting everyone on the dance floor to Lindy hop, Jive, and boogie the night away. With their stunning three-part harmonies, scorching horn lines, and a rip-roaring rhythm section, Jivin’ Five pays homage to the Golden Age of Swing, with music from the likes of Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, and Louis Jordan, to name a few.

Swing into the Fun:

Jivin’ Five is the epitome of a swinging party, captivating guests with their infectious energy and irresistible charm. Their music harkens back to an era of timeless classics and toe-tapping rhythms, ensuring that the dance floor remains packed all night long. Featuring the finest musicianship from some of the country’s best young jazz talents, Jivin’ Five guarantees a night of pure entertainment.

Versatile Entertainment:

Perfect for weddings, parties, and corporate events, Jivin’ Five is a surefire hit with guests of all ages. Their engaging performances and wide repertoire make them the ideal choice for any celebration, creating a vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere. Corporate clients, such as Gillette, Hampton Court Flower Show, and American Express, have experienced the magic of Jivin’ Five firsthand, leaving lasting impressions on their audiences.

Key Features of Jivin’ Five:

  1. Swingin’ 5-Piece Band: Jivin’ Five comprises male vocals/guitar, double bass, drums, saxophone, and trumpet, delivering an authentic and irresistible sound.
  2. Golden Age of Swing: Be transported to the era of classic swing and jive music, featuring iconic tunes from legendary artists.
  3. Experienced at Corporate Level: With a track record of entertaining prestigious clients, Jivin’ Five knows how to create a captivating performance.
  4. Professional Production: Jivin’ Five comes fully equipped with their own PA system and lights, ensuring a seamless and polished presentation.
  5. Music Tailored to You: The band provides recorded music free of charge during intervals, and they offer the option to hire a separate DJ for an extra fee, ensuring a non-stop party experience.

Jivin’ Five will sweep you off your feet with their scintillating swing and jive repertoire, leaving guests eager to hit the dance floor and move to the infectious rhythms of the past. Whether it’s a wedding, party, or corporate event, Jivin’ Five brings the magic of the Golden Age of Swing to life, creating an unforgettable evening for everyone in attendance.