Neon Pulse

4-piece band with female & male singers. Modern & classic hits, from Lizzo & Harry Styles to Elvis & Queen

Neon Pulse is a dynamic 4-piece pop band that electrifies every event with their infectious energy and diverse repertoire. With both male and female lead vocalists supported by bass and drums, Neon Pulse delivers unforgettable performances that keep audiences dancing all night long.

From weddings to parties, Neon Pulse’s versatility shines through as they effortlessly blend chart-topping hits with timeless classics, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Their setlist spans across genres and eras, showcasing their ability to captivate any audience with songs ranging from the iconic tunes of Elvis Presley and Queen to modern hits by Lizzo and Harry Styles.

With their passion for music and knack for delivering electrifying performances, Neon Pulse creates amazing memories and keeps the dance floor packed from start to finish. Whether it’s belting out anthems like “Uptown Funk” and “Don’t Stop Me Now” or bringing soulful renditions of ballads like “Make You Feel My Love,” Neon Pulse guarantees a night of non-stop entertainment and pure musical joy.

The band can also provide a great acoustic duo for receptions and mellower parts of the day.

  • 4-piece band with male & female singers, guitar, bass, drums
  • Large repertoire of classic and chart-topping hits
  • Perfect choice for weddings and parties
  • Able to provide an acoustic duo for mellower parts of an event
  • Based in Cardiff, Wales