Meet Phonic: Your Wedding and Events Musical Experts with a Decade of Experience

Phonic is not just any band; they are a musical powerhouse with over a decade of experience in creating wonderful and memorable occasions. With a brilliant repertoire that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary hits, Phonic can adapt their set to suit any style and theme, ensuring the perfect musical backdrop for your special day.

Weddings Perfected with Phonic

When it comes to weddings, Phonic knows how to make your day truly magical. They can perform your first dance live, setting the tone for an unforgettable evening party. From sound and lighting to top-notch entertainment, Phonic has got you covered, ensuring your guests are on their feet all night long. They can also tailor their sets for your ceremony and drinks reception, creating a seamless flow of musical magic throughout your day.

Specialists in Wedding Flow and Versatility

Phonic’s expertise lies in weddings, and they know how to make every moment count. From start to finish, they make sure the flow of your day is smooth and perfectly orchestrated. Whether your celebration takes place in a hotel, barn, marquee, or even on a boat, Phonic is ready to be there, creating an unforgettable atmosphere wherever you choose to celebrate.

Corporate Events Elevated with Phonic

Phonic is equally adept at corporate events, effortlessly fitting into your event schedule and collaborating closely with your other suppliers and tech team. They understand the importance of seamless event delivery and can easily adapt to your theme, whether it’s a masquerade, 1920’s Gatsby, or a festive Christmas party.

Impressive Venues and Satisfied Clients

Phonic’s versatility and professionalism have graced prestigious venues such as Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, The Gherkin, The Australian Embassy, Chiswick House and Gardens, Two Temple Place, and many more. They have delighted clients from renowned companies like KPMG, Hublot, SPJ, and others, making them the trusted choice for top-notch event entertainment.

Key Features That Set Phonic Apart:

  • A band with over a decade of wedding and events experience, creating wonderful and memorable occasions for clients.
  • A versatile repertoire that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary hits, catering to diverse musical tastes.
  • Expertise in weddings, providing live first dances and exceptional evening party entertainment, while also offering sets for ceremonies and drinks receptions.
  • Versatility in fitting seamlessly into corporate events with various themes, ensuring flawless event delivery.
  • Impressive venues and satisfied clients, attesting to Phonic’s professionalism and ability to elevate any event.

For a musical experience that exceeds expectations and sets the stage for unforgettable memories, choose Phonic. Book them now and prepare to dance the night away with a band that knows how to create the perfect musical atmosphere for your special day or corporate event.