The Trenders are an incredible 4/5-piece party band comprising lead female vocals/sax, guitar, bass, drums and optional male vocals/keys.

This enthusiastic group of musicians have a passion for performance. Their collective professional careers and experience performing together ensure that they can read an audience & keep a party atmosphere, whilst being enjoyable for all age groups.

They offer their clientele a range of performances to suit their unique needs and provide customizable choices they’re sure you will love. Their repertoire of music includes collections of popular contemporary songs, an extensive selection of covers perfect for any and every occasion. They specialise in current chart music & modern hits, but offer some of the best tracks through 50’s Rock & Blues, 60’s Soul, Motown, 70’s Disco & Funk & 80’s pop and rock classics.

The band offer recorded music as part of their package and also a manned DJ service for an additional fee. The Trenders also offer duo/trio afternoon acoustic options, ideal for drinks receptions and ceremonies.

Key Features

  • Lively and professional 5-piece band comprising female singer/sax, male singer/keys, bass, guitar, drums
  • Varied repertoire of modern and classic music
  • Able to scale down to a 4-piece band
  • Manned DJ service offered
  • Acoustic afternoon options available