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The Skyliners

Duo with female singer and multi instrumentalist performing modern cover songs. Instruments include piano, guitar, cajon, bass-box, ukulele, and loop-pedal.

The Skyliners, an exciting and talented duo that delivers a unique and original live lounge style performance of modern cover songs. With a wide array of musical instruments, including piano, guitar, cajon, bass-box, ukulele, and loop-pedal, they create a captivating and dynamic sound.

The Skyliners bring a fresh energy to their performances, making them a perfect choice for live music venues, festivals, restaurants, weddings, parties, and other special functions. Their versatility allows them to cater their setlist to suit the mood and ambiance of any event.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, The Skyliners can adapt their performance to suit the size and atmosphere of your occasion. Their engaging and lively performance style will have your guests on their feet and dancing the night away.

  • Duo with female lead and backing vocalist/multi-instrumentalist
  • Large repertoire of modern cover songs
  • Able to adapt their performance to different events
  • Highly experienced musicians


Hire Twice duo from Silver Dog Music


Introducing Twice, a dynamic and versatile vocal/piano duo that breathes new life into classic hits from the 1940s up to the latest chart-toppers. With their signature contemporary jazz sound and ability to infuse laid-back modern vibes into any piece, Twice is the perfect choice for weddings, parties, corporate functions, and public events of any occasion.

Boasting over 20 years of combined experience and an impressive track record of performing in prestigious venues across the UK, Twice exudes a commanding stage presence, captivating audiences with their style and confidence. Their performances are a testament to their passion for music, as they effortlessly cover a wide range of artists, from timeless legends like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald to contemporary stars like Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Ed Sheeran, as well as the enchanting melodies of Norah Jones and beyond.

Twice takes pride in their versatility, crafting a bespoke set list tailored to suit the unique requirements of each event. Whether you desire lounge music with jazz standards or a chilled acoustic ambiance, or perhaps a lively mix of funky Motown and contemporary hits, Twice has something for everyone. Their extensive repertoire reflects their genuine love for various genres, allowing them to create the perfect musical backdrop that aligns seamlessly with the theme and atmosphere of any event.

Ideal for all occasions, Twice adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to weddings, sets the mood for intimate parties, adds a musical flair to corporate functions, and creates an enjoyable experience for public events. Their exceptional vocal and instrumental prowess, coupled with their ability to adapt and connect with diverse audiences, ensures that every performance by Twice is a memorable and delightful affair.

With Twice on stage, you can be assured of a captivating musical journey that spans decades and genres, seamlessly blending classic hits with contemporary favorites. Their captivating sound and unique interpretations of beloved songs infuse an air of charm and magic into any setting, leaving guests thoroughly entertained and enchanted throughout the event.

In conclusion, Twice is an outstanding vocal/piano duo that brings a fresh and innovative twist to classic hits, spanning generations and genres. Their musical expertise, combined with their stage presence and adaptability, ensures that they are a perfect fit for any event, be it a wedding, party, corporate function, or public gathering. Let Twice set the tone for your special occasion and create an unforgettable experience that will resonate with your guests for years to come.


Hire Emerald Duo from Silver Dog Music

Emerald Duo

Introducing Emerald Duo, a phenomenal Vocal/Guitar Duo available to captivate audiences across the United Kingdom. With their diverse repertoire encompassing Jazz, Soul, Blues, Latin, and Pop, Emerald Duo can tailor their set-list to suit any event, providing a seamless fusion of stylish background music or uplifting tunes, perfectly tailored to your preferences.

The duo comprises two highly sought-after young musicians who initially crossed paths while performing with the prestigious National Youth Jazz Orchestra. With their exceptional talent and extensive experience, they have graced top UK venues such as Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, The Barbican, Grosvenor House, The Southbank Centre, and have enchanted audiences across Europe in Italy, Germany, Sweden, Finland, France, Norway, Greece, and Malta.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect ambiance for a wedding, corporate event, canapĂ©/drinks reception, award ceremony, restaurant, luxury hotel, annual dinner, vintage event, Christmas party, birthday celebration, anniversary, or any other special occasion, Emerald Duo is the ideal choice.

With a mesmerizing combination of captivating vocals and expertly played guitar, Emerald Duo brings a unique and enchanting atmosphere to every performance. Their extensive repertoire, spanning a variety of genres, allows them to curate a personalized musical experience tailored to the essence of each event. Whether you desire smooth and sophisticated jazz melodies, soulful and emotive blues, infectious Latin rhythms, or a selection of timeless pop hits, Emerald Duo delivers an unforgettable musical journey that resonates with audiences of all ages and tastes.

Emerald Duo’s passion for music is evident in every note they play, ensuring that each performance is a true reflection of their commitment to delivering excellence. As consummate professionals, they create an enchanting atmosphere that enhances any event, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of experiencing their captivating melodies.

Based in London and available to travel throughout the UK, Emerald Duo is ready to grace your event with their extraordinary talent and musical flair. Whether your occasion calls for refined and sophisticated background music or an invigorating blend of energizing tunes, Emerald Duo guarantees an exceptional and memorable performance that will elevate your event to new heights. Let Emerald Duo be the highlight of your special day, infusing your celebration with a touch of musical brilliance that will leave your guests enchanted and asking for more.