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Hire the best bands for weddings, parties and corporate events. Choose from rock, pop, swing, jazz,  soul and more!

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Need advice on hiring a band? Read our guide below and please get in touch if there are any questions you have.

Which events are suitable to hire bands?

Our bands are suitable for any event you can think of but in the main, they are hired for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Where are your bands based?

Our bands are based throughout the UK. We can suggest bands that are near to you to cut down on travelling costs. Most of our bands travel throughout the country on a regular basis.

What type of music do your bands play?

We have a very wide range of bands that can play rock, pop, jazz, swing, funk as well as world music such as salsa and country. Clients looking for more general music should hire our party bands, who perform a mixture of music. This is ideal for events where there are mixed ages and tastes, as this ensures there is music that pleases a wide ranging audience.

Are your bands for hire experienced?

We only represent bands and musicians who can deliver a polished, professional performance. These are highly trained musicians with experience at delivering exceptional music at events throughout the UK.

Can I only hire your bands for UK events?

Absolutely not! Silver Dog Music has experience in sending bands out to worldwide weddings and events, from European destinations such as France, Spain and Greece to Egypt and Dubai.

How much do your bands cost to hire?

The cost to hire one of our bands can vary considerably but as a rough guide, the average price to hire a band is £2,000 – £3,000. This can increase if you are looking to hire larger, more experienced acts.

We always encourage clients to let us know a rough idea of their budget. This really helps us to focus on finding the right band for your event.

When I hire a band do they come with their own equipment?

Our bands are fully self-contained with their own PA systems and often lighting. They usually have the capacity for average sized events (150-200 guests).

Please let us know if you are looking to hire a band for larger events. We can arrange for dedicated sound and lighting engineers to provide the equipment necessary.

How long do the bands play for?

Typically bands base their hire fees on 2 hours of live music. Clients can split this into 2 x 60 or 3 x 40 minute sets, according to their preference.

Can I choose the songs the bands play?

Each band has their own (often extensive) repertoire. It is not a good idea to choose every song a band plays – there really is a knack to creating a band playlist that encourages audience participation.

However, input into what the bands play is encouraged. We ask you to highlight your favourite songs and let us know any particular songs they should avoid. They can then cater their performance to your music tastes.

What sets you apart from other music agencies?

We don’t just arrange the booking between you and the band then swiftly leave the process, as many other agents do. We stay with you from the initial booking right through to the event. We communicate with the band on your behalf, liaise with the venue and provide documentation required. We help you with an itinerary for the band and assist you every step of the way.

I feel overwhelmed choosing a band for hire. Can you help?

It is natural to feel overwhelmed looking for a band to hire, especially if you have never done this before. We can help.

Please get in touch with us and let us know just a few details such as event date, type of event, expected amount of guests, budget and we can go from there.


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