Capital Street

Capital Street Band: A Fusion of High-Energy Mardi Gras and Pop Hits

Get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind musical journey with Capital Street Band – a unique, high-energy ensemble that seamlessly blends current and classic pop hits with the vibrant spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras music. This talented band is known for their dynamic performances and versatility, offering fixed stage shows, roaming gigs, and even parades to create an electrifying atmosphere at any event.

A Talent-Packed Ensemble:

Comprising some of the best instrumentalists in the UK, Capital Street Band brings together a collective CV that reads like a who’s who of the music industry. With members who have performed alongside renowned artists such as Take That, Rudimental, Joss Stone, Caro Emerald, and many more, this band ensures a level of musical expertise that is unmatched.

An Eclectic Repertoire:

Capital Street Band’s repertoire is a delightful mix of pop hits and infectious New Orleans Mardi Gras tunes, catering to a diverse audience and bringing an unparalleled energy to every performance. Whether you’re looking to dance to the latest chart-toppers or revel in the lively rhythms of Mardi Gras classics, this band has it all covered.

Corporate and Private Favorites:

With extensive experience performing for corporate giants like John Lewis, Sky TV, and Nestle, as well as at numerous private weddings and parties, Capital Street Band has proven to be a favorite among both corporate and private clients alike. Their ability to tailor their performances to suit any event and venue ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Key Features of Capital Street Band:

  1. Unique Mardi Gras Fusion: An exciting blend of high-energy Mardi Gras and pop hits.
  2. Talented Instrumentalists: Comprised of some of the UK’s best musicians with an impressive collective CV.
  3. Versatile Ensemble: Available in a variety of sizes, from 5 to 10-piece, catering to your event’s needs.
  4. Roaming and Parade Options: Offers roaming gigs and parades to create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.
  5. Extensive Corporate Experience: Proven track record performing for top corporate clients.

Capital Street Band brings a contagious energy to the stage, ensuring that every event they perform at is a vibrant and memorable celebration. With their unique fusion of Mardi Gras and pop hits, top-notch musicianship, and versatility, they guarantee a high-energy, engaging, and unforgettable experience for weddings, private gatherings, and corporate events alike. Let the spirit of New Orleans infuse your event with Capital Street Band’s electrifying performances.