J H Entourage

The JH Entourage: An Exquisite Blend of Jazz, Swing, and Vintage Pop

Get ready to be transported to a bygone era with The JH Entourage – a versatile band known for their soulful renditions of Rat Pack classics, mesmerizing jazz tunes, foot-tapping swing melodies, and even vintage arrangements of contemporary pop hits. Comprised of professional jazz musicians with training from the UK’s most prestigious music conservatoires, The JH Entourage delivers performances that exude elegance and sophistication.

Unparalleled Musical Expertise:

Each member of The JH Entourage is a master of their craft, having honed their skills at renowned music conservatoires. Their collective experience includes captivating performances at exclusive venues like Ronnie Scotts, The Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, and Grosvenor House. Moreover, they have graced international stages across Europe and Asia, enchanting audiences with their melodic prowess.

An Expansive Repertoire:

The JH Entourage boasts an extensive repertoire, showcasing the best of Rat Pack classics, jazz standards, swing favorites, and unique vintage arrangements of modern pop songs. Their versatility allows them to curate their performances to suit the specific requirements and preferences of their clients, making each event a personalized and memorable experience.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

This band is the perfect choice for any event, be it a wedding, a corporate gathering, or a private party. Their enchanting melodies and timeless tunes create an atmosphere of sophistication and charm that will leave your guests captivated throughout the evening.

Flexible Line-Up Options:

The JH Entourage offers a standard 5-piece line-up, featuring vocals, piano, bass, drums, and either sax or guitar. However, they are also adept at scaling down to a 4-piece or trio/duo to accommodate the specific needs of your event. For those seeking an instrumental experience, the band can be hired without vocals, delivering soulful jazz melodies that speak for themselves.

Key Features of The JH Entourage:

  1. Versatility in Style: A versatile band blending jazz, swing, Rat Pack, and vintage pop.
  2. Experienced Musicians: Comprised of jazz virtuosos trained at prestigious music conservatoires.
  3. Tailored Repertoire: Wide-ranging repertoire to suit each client’s individual requirements.
  4. Flexible Line-Up: Options to scale down to a duo, trio, or 4-piece, with instrumental versions available.
  5. Elegant Performances: Unmatched sophistication and charm for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.
  6. International Experience: Extensive performance history across Europe and Asia.

The JH Entourage promises to elevate your event to new heights with their enchanting melodies and timeless performances. Their refined style and musical excellence will leave a lasting impression, making your occasion an unforgettable celebration of elegance and flair. From intimate gatherings to grand affairs, The JH Entourage brings an air of timeless sophistication to every event they grace.