City Rhythm

City Rhythm: Elevating Your Event with Unforgettable Live Entertainment!

City Rhythm is a phenomenal 4-piece band that knows how to keep the energy soaring at your event with a dynamic selection of covers spanning from the 60’s right through to the current chart-toppers, including all your favorite club anthems and garage hits. Their versatile repertoire caters to audiences of all ages, making them the perfect choice for any type of event.

A Night of Top Class Entertainment:

With their female vocalist backed by some of the UK’s finest session musicians, City Rhythm promises an evening of top-notch entertainment that will leave your guests captivated. Their impeccable musical skills and infectious enthusiasm create an electrifying atmosphere, ensuring the dance floor remains packed throughout the event.

A Band with a Star-Studded Experience:

City Rhythm brings a wealth of experience to every performance. From impressive Radio/TV appearances on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and The One Show to international tours alongside renowned artists like Scouting For Girls, Joss Stone, Beverley Knight, and Maverick Sabre, they have graced major festival and arena stages, including Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall. Their extensive credentials guarantee a performance of the highest caliber.

Fully Tailored Entertainment Package:

City Rhythm provides a fully tailored entertainment package to suit your event’s unique needs. As a self-contained band, they come equipped with their own top-of-the-line PA system and dazzling lighting setup, ensuring a seamless and memorable production.

During intervals, they offer complementary recorded music, allowing the excitement to continue without missing a beat. Additionally, their manned DJ service, provided by a band member, offers a seamless transition from live music to spinning the hottest tracks, keeping the party spirit alive.

Enriching Your Special Moments:

City Rhythm goes the extra mile by offering an acoustic duo option, perfect for enhancing the ambiance during your ceremony or drinks reception. With their soulful acoustic renditions, they set the stage for unforgettable moments, adding a touch of elegance to your special day.

Key Features that Make City Rhythm Stand Out:

  1. Phenomenal 4-Piece Band: City Rhythm’s female singer, keys, guitar, and drums create an ensemble that wows the audience with their collective talent.
  2. Wide Repertoire: From classic hits of the 60’s to current chart-toppers, including dance anthems, their diverse selection ensures every guest is entertained.
  3. Star-Studded Experience: City Rhythm boasts a rich history of impressive collaborations, festival appearances, and recording credits.
  4. Complete Entertainment Package: A self-contained band with a top-tier PA system, lighting, and recorded music during intervals. The option for a manned DJ service ensures non-stop entertainment.
  5. Acoustic Duo Option: The band’s acoustic duo adds an elegant touch to ceremonies and drinks receptions.

When you book City Rhythm for your event, you’re inviting an outstanding musical journey that will create cherished memories for you and your guests. With their unmatched talent and vibrant energy, City Rhythm is the choice to ensure your event is a resounding success!