Soul Survivors

Soul Survivors are an extraordinary live music Soul/Motown collective masterfully represented by Silver Dog Music. Comprising seven of the most remarkable musicians and industry professionals from around the globe, Soul Survivors exude a magnetic energy that enchants audiences and leaves a lasting impression.

Founded by a group of seasoned musicians with over two decades of professional industry experience, Soul Survivors has evolved into a powerhouse of talent and artistry. Thanks to their extensive network, they have forged strong bonds with some of the most sought-after musicians worldwide, including West End stars and top session players associated with renowned labels. Their performances at prestigious venues across the UK, Europe, and beyond have earned them acclaim and admiration.

At the helm of this exceptional ensemble, a dedicated Artistic Director and Musical Director work passionately to curate a diverse repertoire that spans various genres. From soul-stirring classics to infectious Motown hits and contemporary favorites, Soul Survivors seamlessly blend their musical prowess to deliver an unforgettable experience for every audience.

As the representatives of Soul Survivors, Silver Dog Music takes pride in presenting this dynamic collective to clients seeking an exceptional musical touch for their events. The band’s unparalleled talent, combined with their commitment to excellence, guarantees an enchanting and soulful journey for any occasion.

Reasons to Choose Soul Survivors for Your Events:

  1. Unparalleled Talent: Soul Survivors comprises highly skilled musicians who infuse each performance with an irresistible charm and passion.
  2. Extensive Network: Through Silver Dog Music’s representation, Soul Survivors brings in top-tier guest performers, elevating the musical experience to new heights.
  3. Artistic Brilliance: The Artistic Director and Musical Director collaborate to craft exquisite musical arrangements that resonate with audiences.
  4. Diverse and Captivating Repertoire: Soul Survivors cater to a wide range of musical tastes, ensuring every guest is enchanted by their soulful melodies.
  5. Unforgettable Moments: Soul Survivors creates magical memories that linger long after the final encore.
  6. Professionalism at its Best: With Silver Dog Music’s support, Soul Survivors exemplify reliability, punctuality, and outstanding customer service.

Discover the allure of Soul Survivors and their spellbinding fusion of soul, Motown, and exceptional musicianship. From weddings to corporate galas, private parties, and any celebration deserving of an unforgettable musical experience, Soul Survivors will leave you and your guests in awe.