Hire Party Starters band from Silver Dog Music

Party Starters

5-piece band led by female singer with a selection of dancefloor fillers. Playing the best pop, soul, funk, rock songs.

The Party Starters are five of the best young professional musicians in the UK, making them the perfect choice for weddings, parties, and events. With their fresh and exciting live show, they are the must-have band for anyone seeking the ultimate party experience.

Their extensive playlist is packed with dance floor fillers that guarantee to keep the party going all night long. Featuring exceptional musicians and a sensational female lead singer, their live show is nothing short of sensational.

With appearances on various TV shows, international tours, major festival performances, and recording credits with big names, The Party Starters operate at the highest level of professional music, ensuring a top-tier performance at every event.

The line-up is 5-piece band, including a talented female singer, bass, guitar, keys, and drums. If you are looking to add a male vocalist, brass for a larger line-up please take a look at their sister band, Cosmonova!

  • A dynamic 5-piece band, including a talented female singer, bass, guitar, keys, and drums.
  • An extensive playlist that covers a diverse range of genres, including pop, soul, funk, rock.
  • Highly experienced musicians who know how to read the crowd and deliver a performance that resonates with every guest.
  • The ideal choice for weddings, parties, and corporate events.
  • Based in London, South East
Hire Rex & The Rainmakers band from Silver Dog Music

Rex & The Rainmakers

4-piece band with male vocals, guitar, bass, drums. Playing awesome 90’s and 00’s rock pop anthems for weddings & events.

Rex & The Rainmakers offer a truly unforgettable experience with their “90’s vs 00’s Anthems” show, delivering an unbelievable performance that will have everyone on their feet.

This party band has not only been performing together for over a decade but also boasts over 20 years of individual experience in the music industry. They’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest and hottest acts in the world and collaborated with producers from renowned labels like Sony, Universal, and Virgin.

They guarantee to have the dance floor rocking from the first note to the final encore, ensuring an unmissable and unforgettable musical journey for everyone present.

  • 4-piece band – lead male vocals, guitar, bass, drums
  • Specialising in 90’s vs 00’s anthems 
  • Talented and experienced musicians 
  • Energetic and charismatic stage presence 
  • Based in Cardiff, Wales
Hire The Trenders band from Silver Dog Music

The Trenders

4/5 piece band with female singer/sax and option for male singer/keys. Rock, pop, soul, Motown, disco, funk from all eras.

The Trenders are an incredible 4/5-piece party band that will leave your guests in awe. Featuring lead female vocals/sax, guitar, bass, drums, and the option for male vocals/keys, this versatile band is the perfect choice for any event.

While specialising in current chart music and modern hits, The Trenders also deliver fantastic renditions of tracks from the golden eras of 50’s Rock & Blues, 60’s Soul, Motown, 70’s Disco & Funk, and 80’s pop and rock classics.

The Trenders offer a comprehensive package that includes recorded music to keep the energy flowing during intervals. They also provide a manned DJ service for an additional fee, ensuring continuous entertainment throughout your event. To add a touch of elegance to your drinks receptions and ceremonies, the band offers duo/trio afternoon acoustic options, creating the perfect ambiance for those special moments.

  • 4/5-piece party band with lead female vocals/sax, guitar, bass, drums, and optional male vocals/keys
  • A diverse repertoire covering modern hits and classics from different eras
  • The option for recorded music and a manned DJ service
  • Duo/trio afternoon acoustic options, adding a touch of sophistication to your drinks receptions and ceremonies.
  • Based in Cardiff, Wales
Hire Alpine Graffiti band from Silver Dog Music

Alpine Graffiti

4-piece band with male singer/guitar, bass, keys and drums. Pop rock music across all eras. Contemporary and classics hits covered

Alpine Graffiti are a versatile and dynamic 4-piece band comprising male singer/guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, and drummer.  Their collective expertise and passion for music shine through in every note, making them an ideal choice for weddings, parties, and all types of events.

Alpine Graffiti’s vast repertoire spans the decades, from timeless classics to the latest hits. Whatever your musical preferences, they have the perfect selection to create an amazing atmosphere.

This band brings together a group of seasoned professional musicians with a wealth of experience and talent, ready to create a performance perfectly suited to your event. With their extensive repertoire and expert crowd-reading skills, they ensure that the music sets the perfect tone for your special occasion.

  • 4-piece band with male singer/guitar, bass, keys, drums
  • Extensive repertoire of modern and classic rock pop music
  • Acoustic options for receptions
  • Highly experienced musicians
  • Based in Manchester, North West
Hire Rhythm Factory band from Silver Dog Music

Rhythm Factory

Trio with male singer/keys, bass and drums. Wide repertoire of pop, rock, soul and funk. Classic songs and modern tunes.

Rhythm Factory is a dynamic trio of professionals with a highly varied repertoire that guarantees to please audiences of diverse tastes. The band consists of male vocals/keys, guitar, and drums and provide their own PA and lights, ensuring top-quality sound and visual presentation. During intervals, they offer recorded music free of charge, and for those seeking a little extra excitement, a manned DJ service can be hired at a nominal additional fee. To add a touch of elegance to afternoon or early evening receptions, Rhythm Factory also offers a solo piano set.

The members of Rhythm Factory have worked alongside famous names like Boy George and have played for audiences both in the UK and internationally, including a momentous New Year’s Eve show at the prestigious Palace Hotel in Dubai.

  • A trio of exceptional musicians specialising in weddings and private events.
  • A highly varied repertoire suitable for all ages and musical preferences.
  • Recorded music during intervals free of charge, with the option to hire a DJ service for added excitement.
  • Solo piano set available, adding an elegant touch to afternoon or early evening receptions.
  • Based in Birmingham. Midlands



The Avenues

3/4 piece female fronted pop and rock band playing classics and modern chart floor fillers for weddings, parties & events.

The Avenues are a 3/4 piece female fronted pop and rock band that know what a great party is all about!  They play anything from the classics, such as – Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder and Queen to modern chart floor fillers from Lizzo, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and The Killers. Have a particular decade or genre you love? The band will cater their setlist around your favourites which makes every performance a unique experience, with that personal touch.

The 4 piece band is female singer, guitar, drums and sax and are available as a scaled down trio (without sax).  They can also add extra instruments on to form a bigger band. The Avenues are completely customisable for each event.

As well as the full band party sets, The Avenues offer an intimate acoustic duo set, Motown or solo singer set with professional backing tracks. These options are ideal for for accompanying drinks receptions or dinner entertainment.

  • A 4-piece band comprising female vocals, guitar, drums, sax.
  • A wide-ranging repertoire of classic and modern music.
  • Acoustic duo, solo singer or Motown set available for drinks receptions and meals.
  • Professional & experienced musicians
  • Based in Liverpool, Nortb West



Hire The Moment band from Silver Dog Music

The Moment

Hi-energy trio of musicians with male singer. Extensive repertoire of classic and modern hits. Timeless classics to the latest chart-toppers

Moment are an incredible trio delivering an unforgettable musical experience that will leave your guests buzzing with excitement. The musicians of The Moment are highly skilled multi-instrumentalists, bringing an impressive array of musical talents to the stage. Their versatility and expertise allow them to create a dazzling and dynamic show that keeps the crowd grooving all night long.

The Moment offers an extensive repertoire of classic and modern hits, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in the audience. From timeless classics to the latest chart-toppers, they’ll have your guests singing and dancing along to their favourite tunes.

The Moment’s exceptional performances have garnered them an esteemed list of previous clients, including the Royal Navy, RAF, HSBC, Lufthansa, Audi, BMW, and Malmaison hotels. Their ability to impress such prestigious clients speaks volumes about the quality of their shows.

  • The Moment’s trio boasts musicians with exceptional skills across multiple instruments
  • From timeless classics to modern hits, their extensive song selection ensures there’s something for every musical taste
  • Hi-energy performances creating an electric atmosphere
  • Highly experienced musicians
  • Based in Birmingham, Midlands
Hire The Anthems band from Silver Dog Music

The Anthems

Hi-energy trio with 2 x lead male vocals, 2 x guitar, bass and drums. Electrifying modern and classic indie rock.

The Anthems, are high-energy trio specialising in indie rock. They comprise two lead vocals, two guitars, and drums, enhanced by additional backing tracks that include bass, keys, and backing vocals. This dynamic combination creates a powerful and vibrant sound that is sure to captivate and energize any audience.

Their expertly crafted set list guarantees an exciting and unforgettable performance. Their ability to connect with the audience and deliver a dance-filling experience makes every event a fantastic night of entertainment. For clients in search of the perfect indie rock band for their wedding, party, or event, The Anthems are the ultimate choice.

  • Trio with two lead vocals, two guitars, and drums, enhanced by additional backing tracks that include bass, keys, and backing vocals
  • Specialising in modern and classic indie rock
  • Hi-energy performance
  • Ideal for weddings and parties
Hire Floor Fillers band from Silver Dog Music

Floor Fillers

4-piece lively band with male singer/guitar, bass, lead guitar, drums. Playing a range of modern and classic rock pop hits

The Floor Fillers are a dynamic 4-piece cover band with a commitment to keeping your dance floor packed all night long. This band is formed by four best friends who have been making music together for an impressive 12 years.

From enchanting weddings in Greece to lively functions in Belgium and buzzing parties in Belfast, their expertise has take them all over Europe, making them the perfect choice for any event, no matter the location or occasion.

The band’s playlist spans across the decades, from timeless classics to the hottest hits of the present.

In addition to their full band experience, The Floor Fillers offer a  acoustic variation for mellower parts of your event.

  • 4-piece band with male singer/guitar, bass, lead guitar, drums
  • Great variety of modern and classic rock pop hits
  • Option to hire the band acoustically for receptions
  • Experienced and versatile performers
Hire The Rumours band from Silver Dog Music

The Rumours

Unleash the Party with The Rumours: Your Ultimate Rock and Pop Experience

Meet The Rumours, a young, dynamic 4-piece band ready to rock your world with the best of rock and pop music. With their captivating lineup of male vocals/keys, bass guitar, lead guitar, and drums, this band brings an abundance of fun and energy to weddings, parties, and events across the UK.

From Groovy Classics to Alternative Pop Vibes:

The Rumours are not your average band; they specialize in performing unique versions of famous hits spanning from the 1960s to the 2010s. Their repertoire includes funky grooves, alternative pop vibes, and inescapable classics that are guaranteed to get your party well and truly started. They play the tunes that everyone secretly wants to hear but might be too afraid to ask for, making sure that every guest has a blast on the dance floor.

Your Requests, Their Pleasure:

The Rumours are all about ensuring that everyone has a good time. If you want the band to perform a specific song, they’ll gladly add it to their repertoire, personalizing your event and making it even more memorable. Whether it’s a cherished wedding song or a sentimental party favorite, The Rumours will deliver it with passion and flair.

Professional and Versatile Performers:

With a wealth of experience playing at various events, The Rumours are seasoned professionals who know how to entertain and engage any audience. Equipped with their own top-notch PA system, they can cater to both intimate gatherings and large venues, ensuring the perfect sound for any room.

Key Features:

  • A 4-piece band comprising male singer/keys, bass guitar, lead guitar, and drums.
  • Professional function band with extensive experience in entertaining at events.
  • A diverse repertoire featuring classic hits from the 1970s to present day, with a twist.
  • Willingness to learn and perform song requests, making your event personal and memorable.
  • Fully self-contained with their own high-quality equipment and able to provide recorded music during intervals.

Get ready to rock and pop the night away with The Rumours. Their infectious enthusiasm, versatile performances, and unique song choices will have everyone dancing and singing along. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a special party, or a corporate event, The Rumours will ensure that your gathering becomes an extraordinary musical extravaganza that your guests will talk about for years to come.