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Bavarian Brass

Bavarian Brass: Lively Oompah Delight for All Occasions

Step into the lively world of Bavarian Brass, where Chinos are swapped for Lederhosen and the air is filled with the exhilarating sounds of classic Bavarian tunes mixed with Oompah-style pop covers. Originally conceived as an October special, Bavarian Brass has quickly grown into a year-round favorite, captivating audiences at events across the country, from Exeter and York to Swindon and London’s Docktoberfest, and making memorable appearances on popular television shows like Ch4’s Sunday Brunch 2019’s Christmas special and The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything.

A Joyful Celebration of Bavarian Culture:

Bavarian Brass is more than just a band; it’s a spirited celebration of Bavarian culture and the infectious Oompah spirit. As they take the stage, dressed in traditional Lederhosen, the atmosphere is instantly charged with energy and excitement. With their upbeat and jubilant performances, they transport audiences to the heart of Germany, where lively festivals and joyful gatherings come to life through the music.

Oompah with a Twist:

While Bavarian Brass embraces the beloved classics of Bavarian tunes, they add their own unique twist by infusing Oompah-style pop covers into their repertoire. This refreshing blend of traditional and contemporary tunes ensures that their performances appeal to audiences of all ages, creating an atmosphere of joy and delight that is infectious and unforgettable.

A Festival Experience All Year Round:

What began as an October special has evolved into a year-round sensation, with Bavarian Brass delighting audiences at various events and festivals throughout the year. From corporate gatherings to community celebrations and everything in between, their lively performances never fail to entertain and engage. Whether you find yourself tapping your feet, clapping your hands, or dancing along, the irresistible charm of Bavarian Brass will sweep you off your feet.

From Ch4’s Sunday Brunch to Your Celebration:

Bavarian Brass has not only captured the hearts of live audiences but has also made a mark on television, making memorable appearances on Ch4’s Sunday Brunch 2019’s Christmas special and The Big Fat Quiz Of Everything. Their dynamic and engaging performances have won them acclaim and recognition, further solidifying their status as one of the most exciting and entertaining bands in the UK.

So, if you’re ready to immerse yourself in the exuberant world of Bavarian-style Oompah, grab your dancing shoes, raise a stein, and allow Bavarian Brass to bring the festive spirit of Germany to your event. With their lively music and infectious enthusiasm, Bavarian Brass promises to create an unforgettable experience that will have you and your guests celebrating with joy and camaraderie all night long.


Hire Country Essence band from Silver Dog Music

Country Essence

Get Ready to Two-Step with Country Essence – The Ultimate Country & Western Experience!

Country Essence is the brilliant 5-6 piece band that brings the heart and soul of Country and Western music to your event. Specializing in Country-themed functions, weddings, festivals, staff parties, corporate, and private events, this band is all about celebrating the very best of Country music!

An Unforgettable Country Experience:

Get ready to immerse yourself in the iconic sounds of Country legends like Dolly Parton, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette, and Johnny Cash. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Country Essence takes you on a journey through the decades to modern stars like Hank Williams Jr., Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, and the iconic Shania Twain. Their show is filled with energy, humor, and fantastic musicianship that will have you singing and dancing all night long.

Line Dancing and Hoedown Fun:

Country Essence knows how to get the party started! Line dancing and hoedown dance calling come as standard, ensuring that everyone, from beginners to experienced dancers, can join in on the fun. You’ll be two-stepping up and down the aisles, donning Stetsons, and living the Country dream before the night is over.

Lively and Unique Entertainment:

With Country Essence, you’re in for an unforgettable experience. The band’s brilliant show guarantees to provide lively and unique entertainment that will have your guests talking about your event for years to come. They capture the true essence of Country music, and you’ll be left with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Additional Options for a Complete Country Experience:

For those looking for even more pizzazz, Country Essence can provide trained backing vocalists and dancers for an additional fee. This will elevate your event to the next level, creating a Country spectacle that your guests won’t soon forget.

Key Features of Country Essence:

  1. 5-6 Piece Country & Western Band: Featuring talented musicians with a passion for Country music, perfect for a wide range of events.
  2. Unforgettable Show: From classic Country hits to modern favorites, Country Essence delivers an outstanding and lively entertainment experience.
  3. Line Dancing & Hoedown Fun: Get your dancing boots on as line dancing and hoedown dance calling are included for a night of Western revelry.
  4. Complete Country Experience: The band offers the option of trained backing vocalists and dancers for an even more spectacular event.

Country Essence is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the world of Country and Western music. So, grab your cowboy boots and hat, and get ready to experience the magic of Country Essence – the band that brings the heart and soul of Country to your celebration!


Hire La Vida band from Silver Dog Music

La Vida

Get Ready to Dance with La Vida – The Sizzling Latin House Party Band!

La Vida is here to ignite your event with the scorching sounds of Latin America and the Caribbean. This vibrant and uplifting band brings you a fresh, funky, and instant Latin house party experience that will have everyone on their feet. With a compact 2–4 piece line-up featuring vocals, piano, percussion, and trumpet, La Vida distills a stylish mix of salsa, funk, soul, and samba, taking you on a musical journey from Cuban classics to laid-back Brazilian beats and beyond.

The Ultimate Salsa Solution:

La Vida provides the perfect salsa solution for any occasion. Their electrifying performances have been a favorite at house parties, product launches, promotional and media events, weddings, and intimate gatherings throughout the UK. With their infectious energy and catchy rhythms, they guarantee a celebration like no other.

Versatility and Expertise:

La Vida’s compact line-up ensures maximum impact, making them the ideal choice for various events. Whether you need an intimate and soulful performance or a full-blown Latin fiesta, the band can adapt to suit your needs perfectly. Their talent and experience have earned them prestigious clients such as Havana Club and renowned bar & pub chains.

Key Features of La Vida:

  1. Sizzling Latin House Party: La Vida delivers an uplifting and unifying sound that fuses salsa with other influences, creating an irresistible Latin house party atmosphere.
  2. Compact Line-Up: The band’s 2–4 piece line-up includes vocals, piano, percussion, and trumpet, ensuring a vibrant and stylish musical mix.
  3. A Musical Journey: From classic Cuban melodies to laid-back Brazilian beats and beyond, La Vida’s repertoire spans the rich tapestry of Latin American and Caribbean music.
  4. Perfect for All Events: La Vida is the ultimate choice for weddings, parties, and corporate events, bringing the excitement and spirit of Latin America to any occasion.
  5. Nationwide Reach: Based in the UK, La Vida is available for functions and events throughout the country, spreading their infectious Latin rhythms far and wide.

Get ready to move and groove with La Vida – the band that brings the heat and passion of Latin America to your celebration. With their uplifting sound and irresistible beats, they will turn your event into an unforgettable Latin house party that will have everyone dancing all night long. So, immerse yourself in the scorching sounds of La Vida and let the music take you on a journey through the vibrant and soul-stirring world of Latin and Caribbean rhythms.


Hire Capital Street band from Silver Dog Music

Capital Street Band

Capital Street Band: A Fusion of High-Energy Mardi Gras and Pop Hits

Get ready to experience a one-of-a-kind musical journey with Capital Street Band – a unique, high-energy ensemble that seamlessly blends current and classic pop hits with the vibrant spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras music. This talented band is known for their dynamic performances and versatility, offering fixed stage shows, roaming gigs, and even parades to create an electrifying atmosphere at any event.

A Talent-Packed Ensemble:

Comprising some of the best instrumentalists in the UK, Capital Street Band brings together a collective CV that reads like a who’s who of the music industry. With members who have performed alongside renowned artists such as Take That, Rudimental, Joss Stone, Caro Emerald, and many more, this band ensures a level of musical expertise that is unmatched.

An Eclectic Repertoire:

Capital Street Band’s repertoire is a delightful mix of pop hits and infectious New Orleans Mardi Gras tunes, catering to a diverse audience and bringing an unparalleled energy to every performance. Whether you’re looking to dance to the latest chart-toppers or revel in the lively rhythms of Mardi Gras classics, this band has it all covered.

Corporate and Private Favorites:

With extensive experience performing for corporate giants like John Lewis, Sky TV, and Nestle, as well as at numerous private weddings and parties, Capital Street Band has proven to be a favorite among both corporate and private clients alike. Their ability to tailor their performances to suit any event and venue ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all.

Key Features of Capital Street Band:

  1. Unique Mardi Gras Fusion: An exciting blend of high-energy Mardi Gras and pop hits.
  2. Talented Instrumentalists: Comprised of some of the UK’s best musicians with an impressive collective CV.
  3. Versatile Ensemble: Available in a variety of sizes, from 5 to 10-piece, catering to your event’s needs.
  4. Roaming and Parade Options: Offers roaming gigs and parades to create a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.
  5. Extensive Corporate Experience: Proven track record performing for top corporate clients.

Capital Street Band brings a contagious energy to the stage, ensuring that every event they perform at is a vibrant and memorable celebration. With their unique fusion of Mardi Gras and pop hits, top-notch musicianship, and versatility, they guarantee a high-energy, engaging, and unforgettable experience for weddings, private gatherings, and corporate events alike. Let the spirit of New Orleans infuse your event with Capital Street Band’s electrifying performances.