Jambalaya Jazz

Jambalaya Jazz: A Mesmerizing Melody of 1920s Swing and Jazz

Step back in time with Jambalaya Jazz, an energetic and highly entertaining 8-piece band that will transport you to the swinging sounds of the 1920s. Inspired by the great parades of New Orleans, this band infuses big brass lines and infectious rhythms into their performances, creating an unforgettable musical experience for your event.

An Enchanting Musical Journey:

Jambalaya Jazz has perfected the art of capturing the essence of New Orleans with their captivating setlist. Reflecting the popular songs of the city and blending in some well-known floor fillers, they create a unique and exhilarating musical journey that will have everyone dancing and celebrating in style.

Jazz Festival Favorites:

Renowned as one of the best jazz bands on the circuit, Jambalaya Jazz takes center stage at prestigious jazz festivals across the country. Their incredible talent and captivating performances have even earned them live appearances on BBC Radio 3. With a repertoire that’s both delightful and danceable, they are the perfect choice for those seeking something a little bit different for their weddings, parties, and corporate events.

A Remarkable Ensemble:

The full 8-piece band boasts an amazing display of instruments, including vocals, double bass, trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, violin, mandolin, banjo, steel guitar, drums, piano, washboard, and bells & whistles – a true musical extravaganza! Moreover, they can scale down to various line-ups for smaller events, providing versatility to suit your needs.

Enchanting Solo and Trio Acts:

Jambalaya Jazz’s musical prowess extends beyond the full ensemble. You can also hire their talented piano player for solo classical music or pair them with a violin for a beautiful atmosphere during your wedding ceremony or early evening reception. Additionally, a jazz trio is available for those seeking a more intimate and soulful experience.

Unforgettable Entertainment:

Key Features of Jambalaya Jazz:

  1. The Enchanting 8-Piece Band: A lively ensemble with a wide variety of instruments that can scale down for smaller events.
  2. New Orleans Inspired Swing: Delivering the best of 1920s swing and jazz, perfect for any occasion.
  3. Prestigious Jazz Festivals: Their talent has graced renowned jazz festivals and live radio performances.
  4. Solo and Trio Acts: Hire a solo piano player or jazz trio for a captivating and intimate experience.
  5. Fully Self-Contained: Equipped with their own PA system, ensuring seamless musical entertainment.

Jambalaya Jazz brings a vibrant blend of New Orleans jazz and swing to your event, guaranteeing an extraordinary and memorable celebration. With their incredible range of instruments and extensive experience, they deliver a musical spectacle that will leave your guests enthralled and wanting more. Whether you’re looking for captivating solo performances or an unforgettable 8-piece band, Jambalaya Jazz is the perfect choice for a night of rhythm and joy.